Vapor Pressure Chart

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VLE apparatus

Edited Data Books

Vapor Pressure(1st ed.) Vapor Pressure(2nd ed.)

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data

Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data at High Pressure

Vapor-Liquid Equilibria - Salt Effect -

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Distillation Computation

McCabe-Thiele Method for Number of Theoretical Plates 1

for non-ideal system

McCabe-Thiele Method for Number of Theoretical Plates 2

Fundamental Physical Properties

Molecular weight, Boiling point, Critical constants, Acentric factor

Physical Property Prediction

Gas Density Gas Density at High Pressure(SRK eq.)

Vapor Pressure

=== Data === Database Program

Vapor-Liquid Equilibria

=== Data === Database VLE Prediction VLE Prediction(Wilson)

VLE Calculation(x-y chart)

VLE Computation Program by Excel (An xample)

Prediction of Salt Effect on Vapor-Liquid Equilibria

Academic Paper

Salt Effect on Vapor-liquid Equilibria


Apparatus for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Determination

International Conference


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