Last Update '09.2.22

Welcome to V-trip, which is a free game of virtual travel by European railways. The player shall go to all the designated stations and get the stamps, just like orienteering, quickly or economically.

Please read the Information for your first visit .

Steps for starting game

1. Get membership. Click here or 'Membership' in the menu of contents. 

2. Choose stamp card. Click 'Card' in the menu above.
3. Start game. Click 'Start' in the menu above.

Playing without membership
  • For trial playing, you can omit getting membership.
  • High-score will not be ranked in.

Contents last update
Information Rules and How to Play '09.2.22
Notification About management '09.2.22
Message Sending Massage to Webmaster (members only) '09.2.22
Membership Get your membership here .(free) '09.2.2

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