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Summary V-trip is the game of virtual travel by European railways. The player shall go to all the designated stations in the stamp card and get the stamps, just like orienteering, quickly or economically.

V-trip is 'web on-line game' . Internet connection shall be kept in playing .

Necessary Browser Internet Exproler 4.0 and later
Netscape Navigater 4.5 and later
Set up Browser CookieFalways accept
Falways show new page
Get Your Membership You have to get (free) membership to play V-trip . Your e-mail address is necessary .

Virtual Railway

Lines The stations and the lines in 'Virtual Railway' are based on 'actual' railway network in Europe . But only trunk lines and subway lines in London and Paris are adopted . Some simple maps of the lines are provided in this site .

Only in Kings Cross and St Pancras Area of London, 'Walking' can be chosen to move to another station.

Trains Some typical expresses and local trains are adopted .
Diagram Almost virtual . Never use for your 'actual' trip .
Stops Only principal stations are adopted .
Charge The monetary unit in V-trip is 'v-euro' in any country . The charge shall be payed in v-euro .
Time Difference Not exist in V-trip . 

Rules and How to Play

Getting the Stamp Card At first , click  'Card' in upper menu to get the stamp card . After getting your card , make sure your  'Player ID' . Remember the 'Player ID' for starting game and restarting interrupted game .You can select  'showing image of station and train' or 'not' at that time .
your game
Click 'Start' in upper menu to start your game . At first , you will be in the starting station . In case of restarting game , you will be in the last station . The departure infomation of trains will be shown .
the Train
Select the train to get on from the departure infomation . And click 'Get on'  button . Then the train information will be shown .
the Station
Select the station to get off the train from the train infomation . (You can be back to the last station if you click 'Back' button of the browser . )
And click 'Get off'  button . Then the departure information of the selected station will be shown ( without case of arrival at one of the designated stations ). 
the Stamp
If you have arrived at one of the designated stations in upper procedure , only 'Get the stamp' is shown . Then click it , and the departure information of the station will be shown , and 'not yet' sign for the station in the Stamp Card will change to 'already' .
Check into
a Hotel
You can check into a hotel at any station for the uniform charge 5000 v-euro . Click 'Hotel' in the departure information of the station . Then the message board will be shown . You can write your message in the board .
Memory You can keep only one scene of the game . Click 'Memory' in the departure information of the station . Then the menu of 'Memory function' will be shown .
of Stops
The all stops of all trains can be shown at designated station and the station you stay . Click 'Information of Stops' in the departure information for the station you stay or click the name of station in your stamp card for the designated stations .
Goal in After you have gotten the stamps of all the designated stations by repeating the procedures above , you shall return to the starting station . Then you goal in and get the history of your trip .
High Score
If you have done good job , the score will be ranked in 'High Score Ranking' . If your score have been ranked in the ranking of a stamp card , your new high score which is less than previous one will not be ranked in .
Start New Game Get the new stamp card and new 'Player ID' .
The game will be interrupted by moving the other sites or closing your browser or breaking internet connection . Then you can restart the game from 'Start' menu .
Player ID's
Player ID is effective for 24hours . But if you have not moved from the starting station , The ID will be effective only 1 hour .
Retire If you would like to restart the game from the bigining , click 'Retire' in upper menu and release your Player ID .
Images The function to show the images of trains and stations in this game has prepared . But we have no images now . So please send your original images .

Then , please enjoy your virtual trip .

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